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Lotus Sametime Trial Program

Presence Awareness, Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing with Lotus Software

Presence awareness gives a team member the ability to see if other members are online. By adding support for the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extentions, or SIMPLE, presence awareness extends securely beyond the firewall to a supplier's or partner's instant messaging community. With Lotus Instant Messaging, presence awareness isn't just about who is connected; it also indicates if a person is connected via a mobile phone or wireless PDA through Lotus Instant Messaging Everyplace.

Instant messaging makes sending and receiving text messages in real time a fast, efficient way to communicate. The Sametime Connect instant messaging client is about much more that exchanging text. From the Connect client, people can start an ad hoc Web conference to exchange richer information or share a document or application. Because Lotus Instant Messaging can be customized and integrated with other enterprise applications, this tool can also be a way to get information, such as directory information, from enterprise applications.

Web conferencing broadens the kind of information team members exchange. Streaming audio and video, shared documents, presentations and application sharing make Lotus Web Conferencing a robust platform for presenting information. Application sharing has broad applications from presenting information to providing technical support. A person can even hand off control of an application to another and reclaim control as needed. Lotus Web Conferencing automatically converts popular file types into whiteboard pages.

How can I integrate Lotus Sametime into my business?

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