has been working with companies throughout the U.S. to provide them with collaboration software consulting services since 1999.

All our consultants are professional, experienced and maintain various Professional Certifications.  Our current average is seven IBM-specific certifications per employee!  Each of our employees have a minimum of fifteen years of experience consulting specifically in IBM technology. We also maintain a network of high-quality independent consultants that have an average of more than ten years of experience in IBM technologies.

will partner with you to take advantage of your existing collaboration infrastructure or to implement collaboration software to enhance your company's workflow processes, collaboration, or inter-intra-extranet presence.

We believe that HCL Notes/Domino is a great fit for many companies and the advanced collaboration solutions that HCL offers is a requirement to conduct business in this day and age.

We offer staff augmentation consulting as well as full project delivery services.  We want to partner with you to get the job accomplished in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

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