OnTime Meeting Manager 8 Released

Managing meetings and facilities can be time consuming. It involves a number of people and processes within your organization.

OnTime Meeting Manager is your one-stop meeting organiser - your personal electronic assistant - dedicated to making the process of organising meetings quick and efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s central to your business.

OnTime Meeting Manager focuses on streamlining the process of making invitations, booking meeting rooms, ordering catering and reserving resources. At the same time, Management gains a clear overview of all the meetings within the organisation.

OnTime Meeting Manager 8 includes a revised interface and improved processes for arranging a meeting.

OnTime Meeting Manager 8 supports: - Lotus Client 6.5.3 - 8.x - Domino Server 6.5.x - 8.x

What are the benefits ?

Advanced Search Advanced search functionality when booking a meeting room (e.g. an education room with projector, internet and 20 desktops available).

Advanced Search

Meeting overview Overview of all meetings taking place within the organisation.

Meeting overview

Facility overview Overview over meeting rooms, resources and equipment.

Facility overview
Catering overview Overview over catering orders for meetings, arrangements etc.

Catering overview

Multi-room booking Multi-room bookings across multiple destinations (e.g. online meetings and video conferences).

Multi-room booking

Joined rooms Booking several rooms as a "joined room".

Joined rooms

Single workflow Single workflow

Single workflow

Keeping statistics Statistics database included for summaries on occupancy statistics, resource use, internal invoicing, etc..

Keeping statistics

Separate catering orders Ordering catering and reserve resources separately.

Separate catering orders

Preparation time Allocating preparation time and cleaning time for each meeting room separately.

Preparation time

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