New OnTime Group Calender 9.7.1 and Meeting Manager 8.4.0

In October of 2010 IntraVision announced the new release of the OnTime Group Calendar version 9.7.1, Discovery Client version 3.2.8 and Meeting Manager 8.4.0. Below you will find a list of some of new the features and what they can do for you.

New features in OnTime Group Calendar 9.7.1

      OnTime Group Calendar Brochure Download

      OnTime Group Calendar 9.7.1 Release Notes Download

New features in OnTime Meeting Manager 8.4.0

      OnTime Meeting Manager Brochure Download

      OnTime Meeting Manager 8.4.0 Release Notes Download

GreyDuck Technology is a business partner of IntraVision and reseller of OnTime Group Calendar and Discovery Client.

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