Minnesota Notes Group Meeting

GreyDuck presents to the Minnesota Notes User Group

At the Minnesota Notes Group meeting on March 6, 2003, Telex Communications , a client of , presented their Lotus strategy. This was followed by John Smart giving a presentation on the evolution of Telex's web sites, including lessons learned. You can download his presentation here.

If you saw the presentation and you wanted to look at the CSS demo a little more closely, you can see the tableless demo page at www.greyduck.com/tableless-demo/h-341.htm .

Following John Smart's presentation, Tom Hillebrand discussed and demonstrated Lotus Sametime technology for Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing and On-Line Awareness. If you're interested in calculating our company's return on investment for Lotus Sametime technology, try out this ROI calculator.

You can also download Tom's presentation here.