Network Computing

Domino: Network Computing Editor's Choice

Network Computing evaluated groupware platforms this month.  "Our Editor's Choice award went to IBM's Lotus Domino 6.5.  Domino has the easiest user administration interface, and it includes more built-in functionality than its competitors.  Domino's application development is standards-based and multiplatform, and the client software is infinitely configurable."

The article is very insightful, except in licensing costs, where it compares Lotus Notes licenses with Exchange license prices with no regard for how unfair the comparison is, giving better scoring to MS pricing when in fact it is much more expensive for the same functionality.  However, in their defense, they do alude to it several paragraphs down: "Exchange is capable of building a top-notch collaborative environment--but you must be willing to invest in the half-dozen applications necessary to fully implement it and to purchase the right hardware to run it on."

Read the entire article here.