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Actual stats for GreyDuck.
Thanks to MXLogic, spam (94% of email sent to us) never touches our network, letting our servers and employees concentrate on other things!

GreyDuck Technology can help you to protect your business against a wide range of email and Web threats – from spam and viruses to spyware and fraudulent phishing attacks – with fully-managed online security solutions powered by MX Logic. With convenient online ordering, you can easily put the MX LogicŪ Email Defense Service and the MX LogicSM Web Defense Service to work for your business.

The Email Defense Service provides comprehensive, layered protection against a wide range of email-borne threats. This award-winning service blocks over 99% of spam, and provides effective zero-hour protection against viruses and worms.

The Web Defense Service is an easy-to-use Web security solution that effectively blocks quickly-evolving Web threats, including spyware, viruses and phishing attacks, while enabling greater control over unauthorized Web surfing by employees.

Put advanced online security to work for your business today – order now or contact us!