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Lotus, Kamoon Integrate KM Products

Lotus and Kamoon, Inc., have teamed up to provide customers with more options for locating and managing the knowledge within their organizations. An agreement between the two companies will let customers easily purchase and deploy a combination of Lotus Discovery Server ( http://www.lotus.com/km ) and Kamoon Connect, which help employees locate and communicate with experts within their organization. The two products are available from both IBM and Kamoon ( http://www.kamoon.com ).

Knowledge management solutions built on Discovery Server enable customers to search databases for information on a particular topic and locate experts on that topic. Discovery Server helps customers identify, rank, and catalogue experts and information stored in company documents, databases, and e-mails.

With Kamoon Connect, the combined solution takes expertise location to the next level by proactively contacting experts once they've been identified. Connect automatically sends an e-mail or instant message to experts to solicit feedback. The product connects an inquiry with the best available expert identified by Discovery Server through business rule-based action-oriented workflows.