GreyDuck partners with IntraVision for group calendaring

From one of our clients:
BTW the Labor Department-head was amazed. He kept repeating, "This is exactly what I wanted." He then shook my hand and after I left he called my boss to say how happy he was that I delivered this thing to him. Although I didn't do anything as we all know......

So, thanks, again,

Craig Haarmeyer,
California Correctional Peace Officers Association

We are excited to announce a reseller agreement with Intravision to provide group calendaring solutions! Sooner or later, every organization that uses Notes calendaring likes it, but ends up wanting more. Within native Notes, there is functionality to view a group's busy-time, but it requires manual setup by each user and any color-coding or additional details simply aren't readily available.

In short, some organizations need a group calendaring application, not just a busy-time snapshot.

This need has been answered by several vendors, but nothing we've felt energized about. When asked, we've always had some lackluster recommendations such as "well, this one works, this other one is okay, too....."

So we were completely blown away when we looked at Intravision's OnTime solutions.

Group calendar using Lotus Notes client
Notes interface

OnTime uses server tasks so the group calendar is automatically updated within seconds without high overhead. It also allows for multiple group calendars, each with their own security. As you can see from the pictures, OnTime looks good via Notes or web (or WAP!).

Group calendar using web browser
Web interface

Let us repeat: Blown away. And the price is good too!

And that's not all! There are additional products in Intravision's scheduling suite including:

Contact us for a demo or more information. Call (763) 420-2570, . You can also click here to download the OnTime Fact Sheet (pdf, 6.8Mb).