KMT Waterjet-Lotus Domino Migration Case Study

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GreyDuck completed a project with KMT Waterjet, a global manufacturing company. KMT had been sold by their parent company, Ingersoll-Rand, and they needed to separate their Lotus Notes environments and create their own. GreyDuck Technology worked with both companies to transition KMT to their own Lotus Notes environment, upgrade all users, implement Lotus Sametime for instant messaging and web-conferencing and make sure there was no down-time for the end users.

GreyDuck accomplished all these requirements with KMT Waterjet. Now KMT has Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime servers in North America and in Europe to allow the company to collaborate across geographical boundaries.

Please take a moment to read the case study, published by IBM, that discusses this very successful project.

Read the Full Case Study Here (pdf, 112 Kb)