Happy Holidays

GreyDuck egg standing out amongst holiday lights

We at GreyDuck are grateful that once again you chose to work with us and with IBM/Lotus technologies in 2009.

As IBM/Lotus experts, we're very excited about some of the upcoming trends for 2010. Gartner Group recently listed its Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010. We want you to know that IBM/Lotus software can play a role in many of these!

Gartner also mentions Flash Memory as a trend, predicting it will start replacing other types of data storage such as hard drives. With the increased USB storage capacity, the "Lotus Notes on a Stick" functionality looks even more attractive. Plus, many of our clients are poised to take advantage of the benefits that Lotus Notes versions 8 and 8.5 provide, such as the flexibility and power of XPages and composite applications. We'd love to help you take full advantage of your strategic technology.

GreyDuck wishes you a safe and happy holiday season! We hope to talk to you more in the upcoming year!