Ed Brill

"Hannover" - code name for the next (post 7.0) Notes Client

The post 7.0 Notes client, code named "Hannover", looks amazing!

One of the biggest problems with Notes vs competitors isn't security... Notes wins that hands down. It isn't TCO... Notes easily wins that too. It's never features... the only winning tactic competitors use during feature comparison is to convince the customer that they won't need what Notes has to offer.

It's a good product. It's not excellent at many things, but the collation of all it does, in a single package rather than a hodge podge, makes it stand out as a clear winner, in our opinion.

The main problem is almost always the look and feel of a Notes client. It just feels a little off, old, unsexy, to many people.

And sexiness sells. Not that we're neanderthals, but like it or not, it plays a role at least subconsiously. Overcoming the "yech" factor that is a common knee-jerk reaction to Notes is very difficult. These screen shots not only show something that looks really cool, they also show ways to help the user do what they want to do easier and faster.

Click here for Ed Brill's blog entry released today about it.