Custom Lotus Notes/Domino Applications

There are many business processes and business needs that Lotus Domino has solutions for right “out of the box”.  With Lotus Domino 7, 8 and 8.5 you have blog templates, RSS feed integration, discussions, document libraries, Team Spaces and many other templates at your disposal to use or to customize.  However, not all your business needs can be solved with these basic templates.

Over the years GreyDuck has created hundreds of custom applications for companies to use with the Notes client or a web browser.  Ask us about custom application development.

File Mover—allows users to attach large files and send someone a link to it in order to download it.  This works in Notes or via a browser.  Even if you allow HUGE file attachments in Email in your enterprise, this is a more efficient way for sending large files within your company.  It is definitly a necessity if you have a need to send large files to people outside of your company via your Domino web site.

Mail Database Statistics—This is a must-have utility to analyze the content of your users' mail databases.  There are other third party packages out there that analyze your mail use, but this one anaylzes every database.  Use the statistics generated by this application to get a feel for how your users utilize their mail.

Sametime Meeting Reports—extracts information about meetings and report on how the Sametime server is used.

Group Calendar—This is a Simple Group Calendar.  Many of our clients say they want a group calendar, when in reality what they are asking for is a bulletin board to post company, departmental or group events but in a calendar format.  This application is the solution.

Tips ‘n Tricks—Notes or browser-based application for training or disseminating information to users.

Contact Management—There are 3rd party applications you can purchase for Domino, but for simple affordable contact management have us develop to your specifications.

Project Status Reporting—If you need to report project status for visibility to management or customers we have a solution for you.

Centralized Corporate Directory—Aggregate information from multiple data sources from within your organization.  Use this database as a custom directory for access by users and applications.

New Employee Setup—Automate the process, approvals and setup/removal of users in your computer systems.

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